petra egg "Remodelling characterises the book-object series Besetzte Bilder, for which Petra Egg detached double pages from high-gloss picture books and reworked each double page as a cover for a new book. The core of the new books created in this way is empty, with the fly title consisting of the corresponding source; the buyer can then use the white inside pages to his or her taste. The fact that in some cases the double-page pictures “don’t work” as a cover motif is part of the concept, creating a sort of rupture joint; transferring the inside of a book to the outside means that sometimes the eyecatcher ends up on the back page of the new volume." Ulrike Matzer
(translation: Stephen Grynwasser)
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taken pictures 1 (front) 1998
unique copy from:
Dr. Arthur Lindgens.
Der größte Zoo der Erde.
BLV Verlagsgesellschaft 1958

pages 72 (empty); 24,5 x 19,2 cm

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